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Much more than an Interior Design book for the discerning collector, this author delves into the life and times of Mr. Stacey. A gentleman, reserved by nature who did not need to promote himself or his interior design business. Referrals  came one after another, often finding himself  designing multiple homes for many clients.

Vreeland was not only a client, as editor, she arranged photo shoots for Vogue Magazine in many of the homes he designed. The fact that Stacey was so welcomed into her and other wealthy client’s circle of friends spoke for his character and the loyalty of his clientele. Billy Baldwin dubbed him “The King of Decorators” and Statesman Averill Harriman gave Stacey the nickname “Minister of the interior”.

Stacey became the master at mixing fine antiques, coromandel screens, and gilt mirrors  with urn lamps, wicker chairs and basketry (he was an antique dealer for some years) Using saturated colors sublimely, symmetry and shimmer, it was indeed  “Cafe Society Chic”.  Designers who have cited his influence include, Mario Buatta , Billy Baldwin, Michael Taylor, Stephen Sills, Tom Scheerer and Nick Olsen among them.

You will want to add this to your library and can purchase George Stacey and the Creation of American Chic at Amazon It is a fascinating story of an icon in American design.

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