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a few months ago suzanne rheinstein had one of her famous book parties…she usually has them at her chic store hollyhock, but this time she had a dinner party at her home. i knew this had to be a very special book she was celebrating and it was…. the book was george stacey and the creation of american chic/ buy here, by designer maureen footer.

maureen footer, the author, was at the party of course and had a wonderful presentation on george stacey, the great american decorator. george stacey became well known in the 1930′s when he did work for diana vreeland. he was known for his use of color, there was a nonchalance and irreverence to his work, his rooms were not only sophisticated, they were surprising- i just call them glamorous! his work was admired and graced the pages of vogue, house & garden, town and country and harper’s bazaar over the years.

he became the decorator to the chic set- the cushing sisters, the harriman’s, the astors to name a few. what drew my attention was that he was also grace kelly’s decorator, not only her homes in america but the palace in monaco. grace kelly has always been my ideal, one of the most beautiful woman that has ever lived and the story of hollywood to princess.

of course i had to know much more about this relationship between george and grace. maureen was so kind to chat with me on more than a few occasions about this pairing of princess and designer, beauty and innovator. she sent me notes and cards that grace sent to george over the years, as well as, some very special photographs of the rainier’s and stacey.

the book is so appropriately titled american chic because george was one of the greatest american designers that over the years has helped define what chic is to all of us. i personally love the story of george and grace- to me that’s chic. enjoy!