WWD.COM – Rounding Up the Latest Must-Read Books

Published: June 12,2014

“George Stacey and the Creation of American Chic” (Rizzoli) by Maureen Footer.In his time, society decorator Stacey was as well known as Sister Parrish, Rose Cumming, Syrie Maugham and Billy Baldwin. Why is he now almost completely forgotten? This sumptuous book, with its scarlet endpapers, sets out to redress the balance. There are beautiful pictures of rooms he did for the likes of Babe Paley at Kiluna Farms, Diana Vreeland in the city and country at Brewster, Lil Isles, Frances Cheney, Brenda Frazier, Marie Harriman and Minnie Astor. A renowned colorist, he juxtaposed such shades as lipstick red, daffodil yellow and pool table felt green or grass green, forest green and red in a single interior. The forbidden combination of red and green (usually Christmas only!) is particularly evocative.